sqsh-01Welcome to Squash at Finchley Manor

Squash was introduced to Finchley Manor Club in the late 1960s. Since then all of our courts and changing rooms have been upgraded and modernised.

Today we have four first class courts, modern changing rooms, regular club nights, active ladder leagues, inter club team matches and a large and growing membership.  

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sqsh-02Ladder Leagues & Club Nights

Much of our members’ squash revolves around the Ladder Leagues and regular Club Nights. New members are especially welcome at these evenings to meet new people and to get a feel of the club.

The ladder leagues consist of sets of five or six players who play each other within an (approximately) monthly period. Promotion and relegation follows the completion of each league.

Club Nights Friday & Sunday from 6.45pm to 9.00pm

Friday 6.45 - 9pm for SQUASH ONLY
Sunday 6.45 - 9 pm for SQUASH ONLY

All the club nights are run on a similar format with an organiser co-ordinating rotation of players.

The Squash Player magazine wrote that 'your club needs a club night to ensure that it is not a mere facility'. Our club night welcomes new players to a relaxed social atmosphere where they can play with others of all abilities, or just watch. Short games are played and the fee for the evening is only £2.50. The increasing popularity of club night has meant that we need an organiser each night to allocate the players to games. We now have about 25 organisers, who are given booking concessions, and each organise about once every 5 months. Judy Williams has filled in a sheet to help organisers record how they pair the players up and ensure a mix of ability on the courts. She also provides the squash balls that are left on the courts for the players to use. The bar is open for the evening.

sqsh-03Team Play & Competition

For the more serious player Team Squash has been played here since the early days of the Middlesex leagues.

Currently we are well represented and have three or four men’s teams in the Middlesex Winter and Summer Leagues plus four or five teams of Veterans and Vintage players.

sqsh-04Squash Coaching

An important service that we offer to members is first-rate coaching.  One-on-one or small group coaching is available.

Because the squash section feels that good coaching is the key to increasing one’s enjoyment of the game many of these sessions are subsidised to encourage members to sign up for them.

Visit our Squash Coaching page to find out more.

sqsh-05Junior Squash at Finchley Manor.

Linked to our coaching activities are our very popular Saturday Morning sessions of Junior Squash. This area is one of our recent success stories.

With our junior membership approaching seventy or eighty in most seasons we have four coaches on hand who are able to offer high quality coaching to juniors of all standards.

Several of our juniors are county champions in their respective age groups and many play regularly in the inter-club junior leagues organised by Middlesex SRA.

For more information please view our Junior Squash Page.

wbbs-lgeBook Your Court Online.

Once a member you pay for your squash by using our Web Based Booking System (see the WBBS link to the right - or at the bottom, if you are viewing on a mobile device - of this page).

Each member has a credit account, with its own ID and PIN, from which the WBBS automatically deducts the cost of booking and playing.

Once your court is booked and paid for, you turn up and play. Court lights come on automatically.  Bookings can be made from your own PC or a Touchscreen at the club.

rbal-02Join Us - Become A Member

Squash Membership here at Finchley Manor includes Racketball - So when you join as a Squash Member you get to enjoy all the benefits of our Racketball Section included in that membership.

As a Squash Member you also get free Social Membership at the Club, giving you access to the bar and lounge as well as member-only events such as our Summer BBQ and other social activities.

Please see the Membership Page for further details.

We publish an Annual Report for the Squash Section in May of each year. Please Click Here to view the most recent report.

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