The Finchley Manor Annual Squash Tournament runs during April at Finchley Manor Tennis Squash & Health Club. The 2016 finals will be held on Saturday 23th April. Presentation of trophies will take place immediately after the final event of the day. Followed by a FREE Mexican Buffet for entrants. Halal & Kosher food available on request.

Open starts on 4th April Prelim round. See Notes tab for Rules & Court Allocation


Open Draw Vets Draw Vintage Draw Plate Draw 

Please be sure to check back regularly for any last minute changes to scheduling.

A match can only be rescheduled with the permission of the instigators opponent, if permission to change is refused, the match must be played as scheduled or the instigator will concede.

If anyone plays a game away from the scheduled courts they must email the organisers with the details before they play.

If you have any questions or need more information about this event please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Please scroll down to see schedule. All matches are PAR15 best of 5 games. Two clear if 14-14.


Seedings will be based on Rankings from Squash Levels.


Please note, matches on 7th April are first come first served. Matches will be scheduled from the Quarter Final stage, see Booking System for details.


There will be 16 matches in the Mens Open on 7th April, you may be awaiting an opponent from the previous round. The Plate will commence on the 11th April


The Venerables competition will consist of a round robin on 13th April. Over 5 x 10 minute games PAR the two players with the most points will contest the Final on the 26th.






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