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L2 Coaching Course
Finchley Manor
12/13 Jan & 6/7 Apr 2013

Course Structure & Topics Covered

A 4 day contact time qualification to enable candidates to learn the ‘How to Coach’ and ’What to Coach’ skills required to deliver the technical and tactical requirements of squash to juniors and adults at beginner and intermediates level, through the delivery of individual and group lessons. 

Candidates will learn how to analyse player’s needs, plan for a series of lessons and to operate as a head and assistant coach. At the end of the course candidates should be able to: -

  • Prepare for, deliver and review squash coaching sessions to individuals and groups
  • Effectively use the Golden Rules of Coaching
  • Use appropriate how-2-coach & what-2-coach skills to effect change
  • Use a variety of coaching styles to cater for different learning styles
  • Using appropriate developmental progressions to incrementally develop your player or players
  • Create a safe and positive coaching environment
  • Coach the technical & tactical principles of the grip, drive, volley, service & service return, boast, drop & lob
  • Use the Development Player Awards as a coaching tool
  • Devise and coach basic movement patterns
  • Identify and develop the components of fitness
  • Motivate all players & set appropriate goals to maintain motivation
  • Work with other coaches – as a head coach and assistant coach
  • Observe, Evaluate, Improve & Provide Feedback

There are approximately 8 weeks in-between days 2 and 3 of the qualification, in which candidates have to a conduct player needs analysis, plan, deliver and evaluate 10 lessons – 5 individual and 5 group lessons. Candidates will also need to complete a number of home study tasks.

Course Content


9.00 – 11.45 Topic 1 – What is the role of the coach?

Tutor welcome, introduction and house keeping
Pre-course Induction Questions

Overview of course and assessment requirements
Learning styles, coaching styles and the impact of personality
Golden Rules of Coaching
Introduction to ‘How-2-Coach’ and ‘What-2-Coach Skills’
Recap of coaching skills covered at Level 1

11.45 – 17.40 Topic 2 – Effecting Change

Ground rules for providing feedback

Coaching Skills Card 1 – Demonstration and Explanation
 Grip – What, Why, When and How
 Coaching the Grip
 I Observe Practice – diagnosing faults and improvement linked to PDA

Coaching Skills Card 2 – Fault Diagnosis
 Drive – What, Why, When and How
 Coaching the Drive

Coaching Skills Card 3 – Developmental Progressions
 Differences between coaching an Individual and a Group Lesson

Coaching Skills Card 5 – The Coaching Process

Recap of Day 1

12.45 – 13.30 Lunch


9.00 – 14.50 Topic 3 – Lesson Sequence

Recap of Day 1
Overview of Day 2
Boast - What, Why, When and How
Coaching the Boast – Individual and Group
Volley – What, Why, When and How and Individual Coaching Lesson
Drop – What, Why, When and How and Individual Coaching Lesson
Lob – What, Why, When and How and Individual Coaching Lesson
Group Coaching – Volley, Drop and Lob
Service and Service Return – What, Why, When and How
Coaching the Service and Service Return – Group Lesson

12.30 – 13.15


14.50 – 17.30

Topic 4 – Planning and Delivery

Safe Practice
Planning – Longer Term and Session Planning


Warming up – What, Why, When and How

Development Player Awards

Coaching Practice and Extended Study Requirements

Personal Action Plan


You will have approximately 8 weeks between Day 2 and Day 3 of your UKCC Level 2 Award in Coaching Squash.  During this time use your Learner Packs to complete the following tasks: -

  • Task 3 – Risk Assessment
  • Task 4 & Task 5 – Coaching Practise:
    • Task 4a & 5a – Complete a Medical Form for the individual and group of players you will be coaching during your coaching practice
    • Task 4b & 5b – Undertake a player needs analysis for the individual and the group of players you will be coaching during your coaching practice
    • Task 4c & 5c – Using the player needs analysis complete a sequential plan for a series of 5 linked lessons for both your individual and group coaching lessons
    • Task 4d & 5d – Complete a Safety Checklist before delivering your 5 individual and 5 group lessons
    • Task 4e & 5e – Using your sequential plan, write 10 lesson plans in total - 5 individual and 5 group lesson plans
    • Deliver all 10 lessons – 5 individual and 5 group lessons and ensure your support coach signs your coaching practice log
    • Task 4f & 5f - Evaluate all 10 lessons and identify areas for you to develop
    • Task 4g & 5g – Re-visit the Player Needs Analysis document to see how effective your coaching practice was
      • Task 1d – Identify your progress against the development points stated on day 2
  • Task 6 – Answer the Extended Study Questions
  • Task 7 – Rules of Squash Questions & referee & evaluate 2 Squash matches


What do you need for Day 3 of your Award in Coaching Squash?


  • To wear appropriate clothing and trainers. You will spend a majority of time on the squash court!
  • A squash racket
  • pen -  you will need to complete sections of your candidate pack throughout the day
  • Your candidate pack with all of the above sections completed




9.00 – 14.50 Recap and Evaluation


Reflect and Evaluate Coaching Practise

9.30 – 13.00 Topic 5 – Improving Performance

Movement – What, Why, When and How
Movement – Diagnosing Faults and Improvement
Coaching Movement – Group Lesson
Fitness – What, Why, When and How
Coaching Fitness
Motivation – intrinsic and extrinsic
Goal Setting
Tactics – What, Why, When and How
Coaching Tactics
Equity in Coaching Squash

13.00 – 14.00 Lunch
14.00 – 17.00 Topic 6 – Coaching Practise
Coaching Practice – Individual and Group Lessons


9.00 – 17.00 Topic 7 – Assessment

Observation and Internal Assessment of a 20 Minute Individual Lesson

Observation and Independent Assessment of a 20 Minute Group Lesson

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